Listening Resources

Meditate with Kasia

– Quick Reset Meditation –

Five minutes is all it takes to get off the autopilot, to ground yourself in the present and create a bit of distance between you and your racing mind. It is enough to gain more clarity and carry on with your day with intention rather than being taken for a ride, where you have no control over your experience. Enjoy connecting to yourself, connecting to what is real.

Meditate with Kasia

– Body Scan Relaxation –

Deep relaxation, helping you let go of tension, stress and scattered thoughts. Allowing you to rest in the now.

Meditate with Kasia

– 4 Step Healing Meditation –

This is a 4 Step Healing Meditation. It is your chance to simply pause, notice, accept, and refocus.

Reading Resources

3 Step Mindful Exercise for Mindful Leaders

An article at Quartz at Work:

There’s a mindfulness exercise that the strongest leaders need to try