Conscious Leadership Speaker & Mentor

If you are looking for a speaker to inspire your team and teach the fundamentals of conscious leadership, mental wellbeing and mindfulness-based practices, which can be easily applied in the fast-paced work environment, look no further.

Kasia has been invited to speak in many of the top organizations and during impactful international events, with excellent results and feedback. Her talks and programs offer practical and experiential introduction to mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and self-leadership, which support a more conscious, and as a result more productive work culture. 

She is an accredited Mindfulness-based Awareness Coach,  Well-being Coach, Meditation Instructor, and Self-leadership expert. She works 1:1 with entrepreneurs, executives and emerging leaders, and supports her work with a wide variety of coaching practices mixed with the latest findings in modern neuroscience. She is always on the lookout for simple tools, which can create the greatest impact.

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Kasia believes that leadership success and the level of impact we can create in the world, comes down to self leadership. It always starts with increased self-awareness, a better understanding of your needs, triggers, motivations and above all in creating the right work-life balance. 

Kasia gives Inspirational Talks and delivers Corporate Mindfulness-based Training Programs that are intriguing, inspiring, and filled with highly-valuable, practical, actionable content based on years of experience working with different organisations and latest scientific research.

Kasia Talks and Programs help leaders:

  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Improve self-awareness and mental agility
  • Reduce anxiety and experience greater overall well-being
  • Develop excellent leadership skills and emotional intelligence
  • Master your attention, clarity and focus
  • Thrive in stressful situations
  • Lead with purpose and authenticity
  • Live a healthier, happier & more meaningful life

Mindful Leadership Training & Programs 

Our approach is modern, fun and supported by the latest findings of neuroscience. We empower leaders to connect back to their humanity, purpose and improve the most essential leadership skills like emotional intelligence, empathy, creative thinking, unshakable attention, and resilience, which is key to success in the uncertain and fast-changing economy.



Peter Wells

CEO – Onshore Wind, Europe at GE

London, United Kindom

Kasia has been a wonderful mindfulness coach since early 2018, helping me find time, techniques and approaches for meditation. Kasia has helped me to realize my potential and to accept that I am human. The gift is awareness, forgiveness and opportunity.

I highly recommend taking the time for mindfulness, and using a great coach like Kasia, to help you understand your moods, motivations and opportunities.


Joanne Wunder

Managing Director, Head of Europe at Evoke KYNE

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Kasia’s mindfulness sessions are the perfect answer for busy people working in the creative industries. She provides wise and practical ideas for easily incorporating mindfulness into a busy day. We had great feedback from everyone who attended.

Pep Viladomat

CEO and Co-Founder at Heywood & Sons ltd

Barcelona, Spain

Kasia has been a great influence. After having worked in one to one sessions with Kasia and having experienced the positive impact in my daily workflow, productivity and balance at home, I’m more convinced than ever of the impact of developing and working on such skills


Cristina Finazzi

Global Marketing Project Manager at Novartis

Allschwil, Canton of Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland

During Cannes Lions Festival 2019 Novartis Migraine team engaged Kasia to lead our mindfulness session at Cannes Lions beach. I have to say I was impressed not only by her passion and professionalism, but also by her incredible commitment. She fit in the team in the space of few minutes and matched perfectly the vision we had for the project, going far beyond any expectation we had. I would definitely recommend her work to any company interested in mindfulness events and I am looking forward to work with her again

Vincent Herman

Growth Senior Manager at Softonic

Barcelona, Spain 

I got to know Kasia as she led mindfulness workshops when I worked at Typeform and really enjoyed the sessions. I decided to hire her as a personal coach through her “mindful revolution” program. Every session with Kasia was incredibly valuable and 6 months later I am leveraging what I learnt with her every day.


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